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Daring Rescue: Woman Saves Wild Wolf From Starving

Wolves have been feared and revered for centuries, though people usually try to keep their distance from them. Lakomi the wolfdog – a breed of dog bred with a purebred wolf – was found at eight months, starving and close to death. She had been bred, and then released into the wild where there was no way she could fend for herself. Instead, Lakomi was found and moved to a wolf sanctuary, where she grew to be antisocial and ostracized… until Sarah arrived.

Sarah’s arrival and subsequent Youtube channel has morphed Lakomi into the gentle soul we all know and love today. The video, with more than three million views, shows Lakomi enjoying a belly rub and generally being the happiest wolf we’ve ever seen.

Lakomi loves to climb and can imitate a coyote howl. She loves the snowfall and plays with her food. She likes to be hidden within her sanctuary, but always has an eye on things. It’s pretty obvious by the video that she’s a happy wolfdog, who enjoys belly rubs and attention from the many humans watching over her. Lakomi, like many other wolves, is the happy ending result of a wolf rescue. Read More

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