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Woman walks her dogs in a grassy field and a parade of farm animals decided to join

Walking your dogs is a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone involved – you, the dogs, your chickens, some ducks, a goat or two. Of course, most of us don’t have the menagerie of farm animals following eagerly behind us on our dog walking excursions.

In the video, this woman walks her two large, white, adorably fluffy dogs. A brood of chickens runs to catch up, followed by a raft of ducks (a group of ducks is really called that!). Last but not least, bringing up the rear comes a tribe of goats (or a trip, or a drove, or a herd, whatever you prefer.)

This adorable parade tromps through the grass in order, and it seems like they probably do this a lot. Maybe it’s a daily ritual for this active farm, and it’s certainly a cute one. The video ends after the goats, bleating happily as they walk through the field and straight into our hearts. via

Take a look at this hilariously charming video for a smile and a giggle today.

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