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Walk into Woods Turns into a Cat Rescue

In fact there are about 70 million feral or abandoned cats. This is about the same number of cats who have homes. These cats are usually the offspring of cats who are lost or abandoned by owners. As a result they lose out on socialization with humans. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) endeavors are one solution geared towards dealing with the problem. It is aimed towards reducing the number of unwanted cats by catching and then neutering or spaying them.

Another name for it is trap-neuter-spay-return or trap-neuter-vaccinate-return. As of today it is endorsed by both the ASPCA and Humane Society. However one other simple thing one can do is to rescue the cat yourself and help it find a way into a new home!

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That is what a man in Ohio named Dave did! In Warren County, Dave went into the woods as seen in the video below. In the video you see Dave wondering in the woods and you hear mewing. When Dave looked around a friendly cat just wonders over to him! It is quite the adorable gray colored little feline! In the video you can also see a collar the cat has on which she tries to slip off. Basically the collar is bound pretty tightly! Some ticks can also be seen on the cat. Dave revealed that he immediately took the collar off as well as had the ticks removed! Upon taking the little kitten home he immediately gave her some food and water and she ate for around 20 minutes.

The kitten was adopted out by some kind neighbors of Dave and they even got her fixed! All in all it makes for an incredible and adorable video that would appeal to cat lovers everywhere!

Seeing this kitten so happy in the video will leave all of your hearts warmed up!

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