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Vacation And The Thrill of Animals

When we think of vacations we typically think of vacations only for us two-legged humans. However that is not to be the case. Especially of one is a pet owner! In fact many pet owners in this day and age take their dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, and etc with them when they go on vacation. Hey they need their time in the sunshine and relaxation as well! In fact all around the world there are a variety of locations catered towards animal vacations or havens. There are also the locations for animal lovers in general to visit and take a peek of.

Such locations include Bunny Island, Giraffe Manor, Pig Beach, Lasquite Island’s St. Bernards, Wolf Sanctuary, Sloth Sanctuary, and Cat Islands.

Lasquite Island’s St. Bernards

If you are a Saint Bernard lover you are going to love Lasqueti Island British Columbia. At Lasquite’s Saint Bernards the dogs are literal members of the family. Instead of being in a kennel or cage the dogs are allowed a lot of time off the leash. One would think this would mean dogs that are rowdy and wild right? Well that is not the case at all! The dogs are in fact well-behaved. No barking, fighting, or rough play has been seen with these dogs! An incredible feat if I do say so myself! With St. Bernards it takes dedication, patience, and a lot of love to take care of such a large breed as well as long-haired dog. A lot comes to mind! Grooming, nutrition, exercise, health, and etc is no small feat when it comes to such a breed! Trust me! Taking care of my German Shepard Sasha is no easy feat but it is done with a lot of love and patience. Two most important things found in a St. Bernard owner!

Cat Islands

Now if you are more of a cat person the Cat Islands in Aoshima, Japan is just the place for one to go and see. It is just cats and cats everywhere! In fact Aoshima itself is one of the many of what is deemed “cat islands” centered around Japan. When visiting Aoshima animal lovers/pet owners will find that the cats definitely outnumber the people of the island. In fact they outnumber the human inhabitants of the island 6 to 1! There are hundreds of cats on this island that can be found just about anywhere. From napping in houses to just walking around the village. As of today a rise in tourist visits has been seen at Aoshima, impacting feline and human residents. The cats were introduced to the mile-long island of Aoshima in order to help deal with mice that plagued fishermen’s boats. Eventually the cats stayed on and have multiplied. Now more than 120 cats occupy the island. Now Aoshima may not be a haven for tourists due to lack of cars, shops, restaurants, and etc it is, again, the perfect place for cat lovers to come and go to. It is bound to bring out the cat in all visitors!

Bunny Islands

Now if bunnies are more your thing Bunny Island should be on your list of destinations to visit.

Pig Beach

Ever heard of pigs taking a swim on the beach? No? well you are about to! Yes that was heard correctly. When snorkeling or swimming in the Bahamas what is usually thought of? Stingrays, fish, and the other variety of sea life come to mind. However in one certain area of the Bahamas swimming can be done with pigs!

Pig Beach, found in Exuma, the Bahamas is known for being populated by wild swimming pigs. There are interesting stories that go behind the pigs themselves! One story goes that the pigs were dropped off in the area by sailors who wanted to go back to the area and then cook them. However the sailors never came back and the pigs were said to live on food dumped by other ships. Another story goes that the pigs themselves were survivors of a shipwreck and they made it to shore. It has also been told that the pigs were part of a business plan in order to get more tourists to come down to the Bahamas.

Today the pigs can be found being fed by those who visit the island or the locals. So if pigs interest you Pig Beach is the place to go.

Giraffe Manor

In Kenya, Africa Giraffe Manor is one of the most desired places for tourists to visit. The mansion is colonial-era designed and is also within an area in which other popular attractions can be very easily reached. The location is home to a herd of giraffes that are regular visitors for treats. Other animals that mat be seen include impala, warthogs, and even antelope! Bird lovers will also love the rich bird life that can be found. All in all it makes for a very relaxing as well as beautiful place to be!

Wolf Sanctuary

If one wants a mix of Dutch country as well as wolves the Wolf Sanctuary of PA is just the place to go! In 80 plus acres of woodland the home of what is known as the Speedwell wolves can be found. The wolves at this haven hold one of the top positions in the world of animal ambassadors for wolves in the wild. Wolf lovers can get a glimpse of these magnificent animals and also stay at the neighboring Speedwell Forge B and B.

So whether it be swimming with pigs, hanging out with giraffes, getting surrounded by cats, and being overwhelmed by bunnies there is an animal vacation destination for everyone! Do not limit yourself to just these destinations! There are so many other incredible locations out there that give you the relaxation given by a vacation and the thrill of getting close to wildlife. So pack your bags, get set to relax, and also be ready to get wild! source

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