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An Adorable Wildlife Photography Moment: Two Bear Cubs Holding Hands While Waiting for Mom

As humans we take pride in observing or capturing moments in nature that we find breathtaking or phenomena we find to be just plain adorable.

California-based wildlife photographer Lewis Kemper may have felt some of this joy and pride during his recent trip to Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. He was leading a photography tour this past August around the national park and spotted a family of bears. While taking some time to observe the mom and her two cubs he captured a beautiful photo of the two cubs holding hands (or should I say paws), waiting for their mom to come back from hunting for fish.


Kemper says the two cubs were holding paws for about 20 seconds in anticipation that their mom would bring back some fish.


Unfortunately the momma bear was not successful in that round of fishing. But Kemper was successful in capturing the adorable moment of the sibling cubs, only standing about 20 feet away.





Image credits: Lewis Kemper/Mercury

From his 30+ visits to Alaska, Kemper has found the bears in Lake Clark National Park to be fairly calm around humans. With the regular visitation of humans in the park, the bears have become used to their presence. Kemper says that because of this “it is a unique location for wildlife photographers, on that two-mile stretch of road you will probably spot at least 20 bears.”

With luck and experience in Lake Clark National Park, Kemper was able to be close enough to the family of bears to capture the photo. But for anyone travelling in bear country it is important to err on the side of caution because not all bears are as habituated as they are in Lake Clark. When travelling to national parks or other nature spaces with wild bears, it is important to be bear aware. Each species of bear behaves differently and therefore should be reacted to in a different manner if you happen to cross paths.

So before you plan your next outdoor escapade in hopes of capturing the next awe-inspiring wildlife photograph, become aware of the many animals you may encounter and know how to deal with potentially negative encounters with them. It’s always exciting to observe moments in wildlife that stick to our memories forever, but remember that your safety in the outdoors should also be kept a priority. source

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