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This Squirrel is Absolutely Enamored with the Cameraman and his Handful of Seeds

The squirrel and bird that appear in this video are naturally skittish and a little wary of the food offering, but they are quick to accept it. The squirrel climbs the tree first, taking a seed or two, and then a bird flits in and out again. The bird is pretty remarkable, seeing as he only plucks a single seed, sitting on the guy’s finger, and then darts away. The squirrel and bird seem to trade off, but when the squirrel comes back, he finds a much bigger, braver squirrel on the tree instead.

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This squirrel is absolutely enamored with the cameraman and his handful of seeds. Instead of just reaching for a seed, he climbs aboard! He crawls up the man’s hand and arm, making himself right at home as he munches down on his snack. The little tufts on his ears are absolutely adorable, and it’s incredible that the man was able to gain the squirrel’s trust so quickly. It’s apparent that he must spend a lot of time out in the woods with these particular animals, or the animals must be used to human presence.

Really, though, just watching the squirrel eat seed after seed with his cute little paws is both entertaining and aww-inducing. He leaps from the hand to the tree and then back to the hand, and then seems to say a farewell before skittering away up the tree, apparently having gotten his fill.

The birds and squirrels love their treat, and we love this video. If you think it’s as adorable as we do, make sure to share it on your newsfeed or dashboard, so that all of your friends can watch this squirrel go “nutty” for seeds! Everybody needs these cuties to brighten their day! via

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