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Sleeping Baby Poop in her Sleep, Wakes up Dog with an Adorable Reaction

Napping is a talent that babies are really, really good at. Elsarose the baby is particularly good at napping, thanks to her two nap buddies Pebbles the cat and Nelda the dog.

At the very beginning of the video, it seems as though this is just another cute clip of a baby sleeping, protected by pets. However, an unexpected disaster soon strikes.

While baby and dog snooze away in dreamland, Pebbles keeps an eye out for any kind of danger in the role of protector. Little does she know, but danger is about to sneak up right underneath her nose. You can hear the baby’s tummy rumble in the video, and Pebbles gets the message loud and clear. The cat quickly leaps away to safety, just in time for Elsarose to poop in her sleep. The smell is bad enough dog Nelda wakes right up and immediately looks at the baby for an explanation.

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Take a look at this adorable video.

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