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Rabbits Saved From Local Laboratory Feeling Grass For The First Time

Once we found out that there is a group of bunnies that are transported to a slaughterhouse after they have participated in a medical testing in a lab in Spain, we decided to do everything we can to save these poor rabbits. We had only 2 days to save them from the slaughterhouse and we had to make our moves carefully and quickly.

Objective: Save the Rabbits

Puncture wounds, fallen chunks of fur and tumors were some of the things that were found on these rabbits, so we were not surprised that they were so scared.

These creatures have grown in an unhealthy, stressful and unnatural environment. First of all, they came into this world at a breeding facility where they were raised too. They lived in small wire mesh cages and spend most of the days in complete darkness. Once the breeding facility made a deal with the lab, they were transported there.

When they reached the university, the rabbits were still isolated, but this time in a different cage. But, what is even worse is that they were subjected to painful experiments.
Thanks to the team of Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, the bunnies were brought to safety. They have transported them at the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.


Sadly, these bunnies have never felt the joy of the sunshine on their fur or felt the grass under their paws before they came to our sanctuary.

It is obvious that the outside world was a complete mystery to them, but they really enjoyed it. The rabbits were very excited and enthusiastic and they wanted to check everything around them. They scratched against trees, ate fresh tasty grass and even dug holes in the earth.


Once they get used to the life at their new home, we thought that it was the right time to let them live in a larger area where they can socialize with sheep, hens, and Luna the calf.


The best part is that their new living space goes over a bank which the rabbits used to create a large burrow. This is definitely their most popular place where they spend most of their free time before coming back home.

The world without animal cruelty

Sadly, there are thousands of domestic and wild animals that are blinded, poisoned, injured and killed just to perform testing. In most cases, these tests are made by the beauty product industry. So, the lab animals are treated with creams and different chemicals on their most vulnerable parts including their eyes and they live in very small spaces where they can’t move freely.

What many people don’t know is that in most cases this testing is not necessary and very ineffective. Instead of using some of the many safe ingredients, companies keep testing harsh chemicals and suspicious elements.

These poor animals should not be viewed as resources for humans. We should remember that they are alive, they have feelings and they have needs.
Causing suffering and pain on animals are immoral and wrong.

In case you disagree with animal exploitation, you should follow a lifestyle free of cruelty. If you do this, you are actually fighting against violent behavior.

If you really want to make a difference and protect animals like these rabbits, then stop buying products made by companies that rely on animal testing. In addition, spread this story and talk to your friends who might be buying such products. They must know the truth.

These bunnies that are now satisfied and enjoying freedom at the sanctuary are only a fraction of all the animals used in labs on a daily basis. We should not allow animals to suffer in order to create beauty products. That’s completely wrong! source

Image credits: Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

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