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Pregnant Pig Escaped From A Truck On Way To Slaughterhouse – Now Enjoys Freedom in New Home with her Piglets

Individuals who abuse domestic and wild animals frequently engage in this shameful and horrifying activity because they believe that animals are not intelligent and that they don’t know what is going on. However, animal lovers are aware that every animal is smart and show their intelligence on a daily basis. In order to prove this, we will highlight the story of Rita, a pig that was pregnant.

Rita is now part of the Animal Place sanctuary, but before that, she lived in a factory farm. For those who didn’t know, pigs found there are treated without any respect for their feelings and needs. But, Rita’s horror story was finished when she was loaded in a truck on its way to the slaughterhouse. Rita somehow managed to escape and feel from the truck.

According to witnesses that were driving on Highway 50 close to Sacramento, the pig opened the metal gate and didn’t think twice before jumping. Rita landed in the grass by the road. The smart sow was taken by animal control employees and left in an animal shelter. During this time she brought 14 piglets to life. Sadly, due to her escape and some injuries, only nine of them survived.

After the mandatory period of waiting passed and no one asked for Rita and her babies, the shelter contacted Animal Place sanctuary and they helped Rita get a home she deserves.
Animal Place is an animal sanctuary which covers an area of 600 acres nestled in the central part of Grass Valley in California. This is the home of dozens of saved animals. Feel free to visit the official website of Animal Place to make a donation. source

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