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Adorable Little Penguin is “Tickled” about Belly Rubs

Cookie is an absolutely heart-melting Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo. With flaps of his cute flippers and a coo-inducing shake of his tailfeathers, Cookie delights and entertains both the keeper at the zoo and everyone who watches the video. He’s not afraid to be vocal about how much he loves the attention, with chirps and coos that will bring a smile to your face. Near the end of the video is the real kicker, however – Cookie’s over-the-top enjoyment of a belly rub is the cutest thing you’ll see all week.

Cookie is a Little Penguin – that’s not just a cute description, either, that’s the name of the species! It’s the smallest species of penguins, and is found mostly in Australia and New Zealand, even though penguins are usually associated with colder climates. Many in Australia might know them by the name “fairy penguin,” thanks to their small stature. So when we say Cookie is a little penguin, we mean that both in the adorable sense, and in the scientific sense. (via)

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Take a look at this adorable video.

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