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Orphaned Baby Fox Loves Belly Rubs

As we walk through the forest or nature spaces within our cities we might come across injured or abandoned wild animals. When we see an animal left to fend for itself, it is common feel a sense of sympathy. We may start to think about our own pets at home, and an instinct kicks. We find ourselves wanting to help and care for these wild animals. Although it is important to keep these animals as wild, there are initiatives to help injured and abandoned animals reintegrate back in the wild after receiving some human care.

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A well-known wild animal rescue is Lisa, a baby fox abandoned by her mother. She was taken in by a kind person, brought to a local animal shelter, and has been well taken care of ever since. She seems to be in good hands as she happily plays with her rescuer and enjoys belly rubs just as must as puppies do. Hopefully when Lisa gets older she’ll be able to reintegrate back into the wild and hunt with her fellow foxes.

It may be enticing to take the next wild animal you see home to love and care for, but please DO NOT try raising wildlife.

If you see an injured or abandoned animal in the wild please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian right away. It is important to maintain a balance in our ecosystems and keep wild animals wild. via

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