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Ninja Cat Climbs Towel Rope to Get Inside

Mason the cat has a difficult way to get into his home. We find this Russian ninja kitty climbing a rope of brightly colored towels through a window in order to get inside.

At first, he starts out on the sidewalk, careful of the snow. As soon as he realizes his human is at the window, however, he leaps into the snow and makes his way over to the window. The video’s uploader, Evgeny Kochetkov, throws down a rope made of towels, which Mason expertly leaps onto. While he certainly looks a little silly climbing the rope, it is very clear that he has done this many times before – the cat is all focus and intense concentration as he carefully climbs the rope up into his nice, warm home. Finally, victory! The cat lands on the windowsill and leaps inside, presumably to cuddle up somewhere comfy and warm. via

“Thus our cat Mason gets to his home,” is what Kochetkov writes in the description (in Russian). We have to say that it’s good to be home, Mason!

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