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Man Can’t Bear To See Dogs Suffer, So He Saves 450 Of Them

Most of the time when we see stray dogs, we go “awww” and carry on with our days. This man, Sasa Pejcic, decided to take action – by adopting 450 of them. Complete with hundreds of bowls of food and tons of friends to play with, this certainly seems like it would be puppy-dog heaven on earth. This paradise is specifically for underfed and abused dogs, a sanctuary created by Pejcic after he found he couldn’t stand to let the homeless dogs he saw every day live their lives in misery.

While these dogs have never had medicine, good food, or soft beds, they suddenly found themselves being loved and cared for by Pejcic and his staff. In addition to toys and the company of each other, they now have dedicated humans to care for them and help them live out their best lives.

This sanctuary is supported by an American aid organization called The Harmony Fund, which helps small animal rescues all over the world. The shelter relies on donations for food and other expenses to help support the dogs. via

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