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Man adopts 45 dogs and built a two hectare enclosure so they can run free

Unfortunately, shelter dogs are often overlooked because of their age or their traumatic past. Even worse, some spend their entire lives in shelters and never have the opportunity to know the feeling of having a home final. In general, shelter staff does its best to ensure that these dogs receive the appropriate care during their stays.

The members of the rescue teams are another type of people who devote all their time to help the animals and give them love and care.

This man has adopted 45 dogs (and a gray wolf). Yes, you read that right … 45 dogs ! He greeted all of them home with open arms and is incredibly busy. And if adopt was not enough, he also built them a corral of two hectares for them to run and play freely.

The video below shows the arrival of the dogs in their new den. After opening the door, the 45 doggies rush into the enclosure by wearing big smiles and wagging tail! They love it! It’s so gratifying to watch. It is comforting to know that there are people as benevolent as this man. (via)

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