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This Little Lamb May Not Have Working Legs, But She Does Have a Family That Loves Her!

Lily the lamb was born with crooked legs. She was the run of a litter of triplet lambs that were all born back in November. As she was scrunched up so tightly in utero, all four of her legs didn’t work as they should, making it very difficult, if not impossible for her to get around. Even more devastating is that Lily’s mother rejected her due to her disability.

After being abandoned by mom, Lily almost didn’t make it!

Fortunately, for Lily, there was a human family that was willing to take her in, and give her the care and love she needed to enjoy a happy life in a loving home.

And, not only did she relish in their love, but she gave plenty of it back. Even the family dogs were happy to have her around.

After all, she does make for quite the comfy pillow!

And, what lamb can say they get to enjoy an especially Merry Christmas like this one. She’s so happy, she even managed to show a big, toothy grin.

Image credits: Lilly’s Fb

While she may get around on four wheels rather than four legs, Lily actually seems to be one very lucky little lamb, don’t you think?

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