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Compilation of Cats Who Are Hilariously Lazy While Drinking Water

Cats are weird – it’s a fact of life that many on Youtube, Facebook, and other sites are happy to provide evidence for. The video featured in this article shows how cats can be weird while drinking water, which is pretty hilarious given that it’s a very basic thing for cats to do.

From laying down and pawing at the floor to dipping their paws in and licking them clean, these cats are happy to provide giggle after giggle. Multiple cats in sinks, many cats daintily drinking with their paws, tummies out and tails wiggling, these cats are hilariously lazy while simultaneously making it more effort than it’s actually worth. A lot of these cats are pretty tubby, which just makes it that much cuter. The way that they sprawl instead of holding themselves up really says a lot about their unique personalities, and adds a lot to the video. via

Lazy cats are inherently pretty funny, and this video of them drinking water is just more proof. It definitely belongs on the Facebook feeds of all cat lovers around the world, so be sure to share with all of your friends if it made you crack a smile or give a giggle today!

Take a look at this video.

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