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Couple Rescued 4 Kittens While Walking in The Woods

Having a pet cat is one of the most interesting experiences you can get in your life. These animals are unique and known for their specific temperament. U

nfortunately, there are many people who can’t take care of their pets and instead of giving these kittens and cats to a shelter or spending some time looking for someone that might want to adopt them, they often live kittens in the wilderness.

The couple in this video was walking in the woods when they noticed a sound and movement, so they decided to stop for a while. It turned out that someone has left four adorable kittens in the woods.

The couple decided to rescue them and they definitely did the right things because domesticated cats usually don’t have many chances to survive alone in the wilderness especially without their mothers.

The kittens were a little bit dehydrated and hungry and they had fleas all over their bodies. The rescuers were kind enough to wash them and feed them properly.

It didn’t take much time before the kittens started fooling around in the home. Now, the couple is looking for people who want to adopt these cats and they will probably keep one of them in their home. via

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