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Hummingbird Builds A Nest

This hummingbird video, set to calming, cheerful music, is all about a hummingbird building a nest. It starts with a small bundle that it lands upon, and then slowly adds more material to create a good-sized nest on which it can lay eggs and raise little baby hummingbirds.

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It’s important to note that hummingbird nests are supposed to be small. They’re built so that as the young grow, the nest stretches and grows around them. Very few people have actually ever seen a hummingbird nest, because they’re so small – they look just like a little bump on the tree branch. The hummingbird uses lichens and plant fibers to build the nest, with the softest fibers on the inside to protect their eggs. They also use leaves, twigs, and even spider silk in order to bind their nests together. Often, these nests are about as big as a quarter.

As you can see from the video, it’s not an easy process. This hummingbird is dedicated and focused on building the perfect nest for its future family, flying away empty-beaked and returning with bits and pieces to make the nest feel even more like home. As the video goes on, the nest slowly gets bigger and more comfortable, though is still tiny compared to the bird’s nests that we’re used to seeing.

In this nest, the hummingbird will lay eggs that will be about the size of jellybeans. Fifteen to eighteen days later, the eggs will hatch into cute hummingbird chicks. The nest will grow as the chicks grow, stretching comfortably around the young. Eighteen to twenty-eight days after that, the chicks will leave the nest to make their own. source

Take a look at this calming and adorable video.

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