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Horse Helps Elderly Woman Get Her Life Back On Track

Phyllis had a rough life. She had married a man who turned out to be mean, and when she divorced him she quickly fell into alcoholism. As a result, she wound up homeless and then, eventually, in prison. Fortunately her life would take a sudden, pleasant turn, thanks to a newfound friendship with a beautiful horse named Shag-Ra.


Image source: Youtube

In prison, Phyllis was given permission to visit a farm. She met a three-year-old, breathtakingly beautiful Arabian horse named Charlie Brown. The horse, a victim of abuse by his former owners, clicked with Phyllis almost instantly. She says she simply walked in and saw the “biggest, saddest brown eyes” she’d ever seen, and the rest was history.

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As soon as she got out of prison, Phyllis used the three hundred dollars that she had earned and saved to buy Charlie Brown, renaming him Shag-Ra. She then dedicated the rest of her life to bringing Shag-Ra back to life himself. Phyllis spent every single day with him, training and caring for Shag-Ra, forming a bond that nothing could break. Phyllis didn’t notice at first, but all the time that she spent with Shag-Ra was time that she wasn’t drinking, and soon she didn’t need alcohol at all.

Shag-Ra had made her so happy that she didn’t have any need to drink. Shag-Ra, too, quickly became a strong, healthy Arabian stallion. Shag-Ra wasn’t quite like other horses though… he was more like a person at times. Although he was far too big to be in the house, he loved sticking his head through the kitchen window to spend time with Phyllis, even answering the phone whenever it rang!


Image source: Youtube

Though many years have passed since the life-changing meeting of Phyllis and Shag-Ra. Today, Shag-Ra lives on in the hearts of many in his “singing, talking horse video,” though Phyllis sadly passed away in 2010. Still, this video captures the essence of their positive and inspiring relationship, really showing the love that the pair had for each other.


Image source: Youtube

Shag-Ra managed to change Phyllis’ life while Phyllis in turn saved Shag-Ra. If you know of any equine enthusiasts or animal lovers, make sure to share this video with them and give them the joy of seeing Shag-Ra and Phyllis in their prime. Our relationships with animals can mean a lot – share this story if it earned a place in your heart too! via

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