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What Do Homeless Cats Want More Than Anything? Hear Themselves Speak!

What do homeless cats want more than anything? It’s pretty easy to answer this question – they want homes. As the video says, more than thirty-thousand companion animals were given to shelters last year, and about twenty-thousand of those were cats.

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The kitties in the video are super cute, almost making you want to go out and adopt a cat right now. With voiceover, these cats proclaim that they want “a warm belly to sleep on,” or “to play hard,” or “a big house.” Most of all, however, these cats want “a home” and “someone to love.”

Let us listen what they themselves want to be:








The producer of this video, the Animal Humane Society, is working hard to find homes for their stray cats to avoid euthanasia. In 2015, the great majority, more than 95 percent, of their animals were placed or given to alternate solutions, reducing the amount of euthanizations – the majority of which was end-of life care. So while the Animal Humane Society is not technically no-kill, they are a leading force when it comes to the welfare of animals as a whole. Read More

What do homeless cats want? They want homes and people to love. Share this video to spread the word about adopting a stray or shelter cat, or to raise awareness on behalf of the Animal Humane Society. Your share could mean that a cat gets a home or the shelter gets a donation! via

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