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Do Dogs Love The Way Humans Do?

It is the question that dog owners think about always. Okay maybe for some owners they do not think about. The question is do dogs love the way humans do. For some maybe they do not think about it because their dog always has the “look of love” on their face. Like the wag of a tail and the shift of the eyebrows that seem to show, “Hey I love you! You are the best owner ever!” In the end though it really does raise some questions of interest! So what can be revealed about the love of a dog or how do dogs love?

Anderson Cooper, a dog lover, has looked into this question himself. He questioned the valid nature of his pup’s love or affections for him. He would ask his dogs things such as if the dog really loved him, is it a trick, or is just an annoyance? Well Cooper has left many people wondering.

What has it left us wondering? Think about it. Dogs and humans have one of the most interesting relationships that have ever been seen in the world’s history. They are let into our homes and become members of the family. But how much can they actually feel what we feel? Do they love the same way as we do? Writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis took a 4-month road trip to examine the relationship he had with his dog.

Scientist Gregory Burns asked himself the same question in regards to the dog and human relationship and took his study quite deep! He did an experiment to see how dogs really feel by doing brain scans in an MRI machine. The results he found were quite amazing! What can they reveal to us? It has shown proof of social cognition. This means that dogs are not just learning machines. They have sentimental feelings and as a result this could be startling consequences for the human-dog dynamic. In fact Burns advises us to think about five things when it comes to determining if dogs really have the same love capacity as humans do. Look to see if your dog cuddles up to you after eating. This is a strong sign that the dogs does not look at as just the provider of food. Does your dog like to sleep by you? Will they cuddle up next you when they have plenty of other places they can cuddle up in throughout the home/ if they do their level of affection and love matches your own! Look to see how the fog reacts when you leave and how they react when you come home. When you come home and they are happy to see that is some strong love right there! And one last simple thing is to say to yourself if you love your dog. Well yeah of course. And the saying goes that love returns love!

In Budapest, researchers at Eotvos Lorand University have look at dog brain activity in regards to responding to different human and dog sounds. These sounds include voices, barks, and other meaningful things. Before this study was performed we had no idea on what happens in the brain of a dog when humans make noise. The study also revealed how there are similarities in the way dog and human brains process emotional vocal sounds. Happy and loving sounds light up the auditory complex in both humans and dogs. This reaffirms the strong and complex communication relationship between dogs and human beings. In fact according to Andics dogs interact with their human caregivers in the same way a baby would do with their parents. When dogs get scared or worried to will run to their owner just as a toddler would when they are distressed. Dog-lovers have committed to some notable things in regards to interpreting dogs’ facial expression. Like the guilt in the eyes or innocence look they try to give when they do something wrong. Experts have said in the past that guilt is an emotion of self-awareness that dogs probably don’t have. So the fact that they can do it raises some interesting points.

Now in the end does this all of this really reveal if dogs love the way that we do? Well it does not. In fact we may never know. It looks like it a matter of opinion so to speak! The look that a dog gives that can be seen as the look of love will not always be clear. However we can just cherish the face that we know our pets just love us as we think and maybe even more. They are family to us, even if they are not the two-legged kids, after all and will always be our babies! So that is grounds for some love sharing right there regardless of anything! I mean think about it! We could never be part of a pod of killer whales and feel the same way killer whales can feel.

No other species besides the dog has shown that it prefers the company of a human or indicates it feels affection or love for them. It is like the dog has domesticated us when we are supposed to domesticate the dog. The dog has chosen us in a way to show “love” to. It is such an amazing thing to think about. When one thinks about the reason a dog “loves” us so much is that we are fun to be around! Could it be because their social structure or world is similar to ours? I mean we are not similar to cats in any way! We have something in common with the dog! I mean we would never approach the lion and lions are cat family members! However it seems no matter the size of the dog we would never fear the dog. They give us so much affection and love regardless of their size! So yeah ultimately it cannot be determined if they can love the same way as humans. It is good enough to know they have plenty of love to give! source

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