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Diver Cuddles With Cute and Friendly Gray Seal

Somewhere in the waters off of the Scilly Isles, in the United Kingdom, the sea lions and seals like to cuddle. As diver Gary Grayson discovered, they weren’t at all shy or nervous around humans. In the video, you can see one swim right up to him and, adorably, touch their noses together!

Gary didn’t quite get the message, though, and so the sea lion happily took his outstretched hand, putting it to its tummy. With that, the cutie’s desire for cuddles and belly scratches were evident, as the incredibly charming video shows.

Sea lions and seals are pinnipeds, but sea lions tend to spend more time on land than seals. Grey seals, like the one in the video, like to live in the North Atlantic Ocean, and are protected by legislation in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Some people may know them as Atlantic seals or horsehead seals. via

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Take a look at this adorable video.

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