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Hummingbird Builds A Nest

This hummingbird video, set to calming, cheerful music, is all about a hummingbird building a nest. It starts with a small bundle that it lands upon, and then slowly adds more material to create a good-sized nest on which it can lay eggs and raise little baby hummingbirds. Scroll down for video It’s important to […]

The Amazing Ways Wolves Change Rivers

The Yellowstone National Park in the United States is considered one of the most beautiful and revered parks to visit. But what everyone may not know is that the park has been through a lot to become what it is today. Wolves were extinct from 1926 onwards because of habitat loss and extermination programs. And […]

Wild Raven Talks With Old Man

In Merlyn Williams’ video of Raymond the raven we see an interesting social interaction between corvid and human. He appears not to be afraid of Merlyn, but engaging with him with gurgling croaks and calls. Maybe Raymond’s keen observations of humans made him aware that Merlyn was not a threat, but rather a friendly soul […]

Why We Go Crazy For Cute?

New research has found that beautiful things inspire most of us not only the urge towards gentleness and care we have, but also a response known as cute aggression or desires, in which people response to cuteness physically. This is common to most of us I bet. Have you ever reacted to the on sight […]

Do Dogs Understand What We Say?

There are probably many expressions that dog owners have said to their dogs. Some expressions that owners say include things such as “this is not your food” or “that is bad” or probably quite common from dog owners. It had led up to the question of what do our words mean to dogs. Can they […]

The Puppy Eye: Oxytocin Induced Bonding Between Dogs and Human

As any dog lover, owner or keen observer may have experienced, dogs have a tendency to gaze at us with their big, round, begging eyes… a phenomena referred to as “puppy eyes”. With this specific gazing behaviour, dogs have a way of melting our hearts and reeling in feelings of love and sympathy. Studies suggest […]

Reasons Why Dogs Follow Their Owners Around

One of the biggest things about pets, especially dogs, is that they have an incredible ability to give a lot of love especially when their owner is around. All of us dog owners have the moment when we come home from work and we turn the key into the door and we hear the dog […]

Do Dogs Love The Way Humans Do?

It is the question that dog owners think about always. Okay maybe for some owners they do not think about. The question is do dogs love the way humans do. For some maybe they do not think about it because their dog always has the “look of love” on their face. Like the wag of […]

Black Animals Are The Lucky Ones

When we think of luck what do we usually think of? We think of things such as the luck of the draw, being lucky, good fortune, bad fortune, omens, and all that stuff. It might be surprising to think that animals can have luck as well! There are certain animals out there that have the […]

Vacation And The Thrill of Animals

When we think of vacations we typically think of vacations only for us two-legged humans. However that is not to be the case. Especially of one is a pet owner! In fact many pet owners in this day and age take their dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, and etc with them when they go on vacation. […]