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Owls like you’ve never seen them before — prepare to laugh!

Owls are magnificent creatures, and often act as references to several book and movie titles we love – including Harry Potter. They are often solitary with a stern stance – and are greatly misunderstood. Owls aren’t postmen, after all! The video below however, sheds some light on how Owls can truly be – they can […]

Hummingbird Builds A Nest

This hummingbird video, set to calming, cheerful music, is all about a hummingbird building a nest. It starts with a small bundle that it lands upon, and then slowly adds more material to create a good-sized nest on which it can lay eggs and raise little baby hummingbirds. Scroll down for video It’s important to […]

Bengal Kittens Discover The Best Toy Ever!

Slides are tons of fun for us humans, but these Bengal kittens have also discovered their joy! One after another, they slide down and try to climb back up, leaping onto each other playfully, and sliding smack into one another when a sibling doesn’t clear the slide fast enough. Scroll down for video These kittens […]

Ninja Cat Climbs Towel Rope to Get Inside

Mason the cat has a difficult way to get into his home. We find this Russian ninja kitty climbing a rope of brightly colored towels through a window in order to get inside. At first, he starts out on the sidewalk, careful of the snow. As soon as he realizes his human is at the […]

What Do Homeless Cats Want More Than Anything? Hear Themselves Speak!

What do homeless cats want more than anything? It’s pretty easy to answer this question – they want homes. As the video says, more than thirty-thousand companion animals were given to shelters last year, and about twenty-thousand of those were cats. Scroll down for video The kitties in the video are super cute, almost making […]

Compilation of Cats Who Are Hilariously Lazy While Drinking Water

Cats are weird – it’s a fact of life that many on Youtube, Facebook, and other sites are happy to provide evidence for. The video featured in this article shows how cats can be weird while drinking water, which is pretty hilarious given that it’s a very basic thing for cats to do. From laying […]