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Horse Helps Elderly Woman Get Her Life Back On Track

Phyllis had a rough life. She had married a man who turned out to be mean, and when she divorced him she quickly fell into alcoholism. As a result, she wound up homeless and then, eventually, in prison. Fortunately her life would take a sudden, pleasant turn, thanks to a newfound friendship with a beautiful […]

Owl and cat who really did become best friends

In a video that will absolutely melt your heart, discover an owl and cat that are best friends “fur” life. They play together in trees and on land, the cat leaping to playfully pounce at the owl, while the owl hops cutely after him. The cat nuzzles at the owl before batting at him gently, […]

Walk into Woods Turns into a Cat Rescue

In fact there are about 70 million feral or abandoned cats. This is about the same number of cats who have homes. These cats are usually the offspring of cats who are lost or abandoned by owners. As a result they lose out on socialization with humans. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) endeavors are one solution geared towards […]

China’s Rare Endangered Rabbit: The Lli Pika

When one goes to China what does they usually think of? Maybe it is the majestic Great Wall or the fantasy tales of the Chinese dragon? Just the rich history of the culture itself would leave one in wonder! However there is one thing about it that has everyone going crazy! It is called the […]

3 Heart-Warming Stories of Saved Pigs That Are Worth Reading

We have all been impressed by pigs when we were children. Many of us have squealed and snorted and did other sounds for fun. But, what is the first thing that crosses your mind when someone mentions pigs? Some people might think about the Piglet which was one of the main characters in Winnie the […]