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What Do Homeless Cats Want More Than Anything? Hear Themselves Speak!

What do homeless cats want more than anything? It’s pretty easy to answer this question – they want homes. As the video says, more than thirty-thousand companion animals were given to shelters last year, and about twenty-thousand of those were cats. Scroll down for video The kitties in the video are super cute, almost making […]

Man Can’t Bear To See Dogs Suffer, So He Saves 450 Of Them

Most of the time when we see stray dogs, we go “awww” and carry on with our days. This man, Sasa Pejcic, decided to take action – by adopting 450 of them. Complete with hundreds of bowls of food and tons of friends to play with, this certainly seems like it would be puppy-dog heaven […]

Daring Rescue: Woman Saves Wild Wolf From Starving

Wolves have been feared and revered for centuries, though people usually try to keep their distance from them. Lakomi the wolfdog – a breed of dog bred with a purebred wolf – was found at eight months, starving and close to death. She had been bred, and then released into the wild where there was […]

Man adopts 45 dogs and built a two hectare enclosure so they can run free

Unfortunately, shelter dogs are often overlooked because of their age or their traumatic past. Even worse, some spend their entire lives in shelters and never have the opportunity to know the feeling of having a home final. In general, shelter staff does its best to ensure that these dogs receive the appropriate care during their […]

Orphaned Baby Fox Loves Belly Rubs

As we walk through the forest or nature spaces within our cities we might come across injured or abandoned wild animals. When we see an animal left to fend for itself, it is common feel a sense of sympathy. We may start to think about our own pets at home, and an instinct kicks. We […]

Couple Rescued 4 Kittens While Walking in The Woods

Having a pet cat is one of the most interesting experiences you can get in your life. These animals are unique and known for their specific temperament. U nfortunately, there are many people who can’t take care of their pets and instead of giving these kittens and cats to a shelter or spending some time […]