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Bengal Kittens Discover The Best Toy Ever!

Slides are tons of fun for us humans, but these Bengal kittens have also discovered their joy! One after another, they slide down and try to climb back up, leaping onto each other playfully, and sliding smack into one another when a sibling doesn’t clear the slide fast enough. Scroll down for video These kittens […]

Best of Cats in 2 Minutes – A Funny Cats Compilation

We all know that cats are super funny creatures, with their love of boxes and eternal grace occasionally failing them. From cats sliding on hardwood to playing the piano, clinging to jean legs to watching TV, these cats will quickly steal your heart and make you go “Awww!” Kittens and cats alike have a natural […]

Diver Cuddles With Cute and Friendly Gray Seal

Somewhere in the waters off of the Scilly Isles, in the United Kingdom, the sea lions and seals like to cuddle. As diver Gary Grayson discovered, they weren’t at all shy or nervous around humans. In the video, you can see one swim right up to him and, adorably, touch their noses together! Gary didn’t […]

Adorable Little Penguin is “Tickled” about Belly Rubs

Cookie is an absolutely heart-melting Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo. With flaps of his cute flippers and a coo-inducing shake of his tailfeathers, Cookie delights and entertains both the keeper at the zoo and everyone who watches the video. He’s not afraid to be vocal about how much he loves the attention, with chirps […]