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Cat and Shiba Inu Dog Cuddle Together, Enough to Melt Your Heart Into Pieces

When it comes to cats and dogs, we usually expect fighting, chasing, yowling, and barking. Momo and Ten, a cat and a dog, are happy to prove these expectations completely wrong. Instead of loud fighting, Momo and Ten are happy to cuddle quietly on a bed and bask in the presence of each other.

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Momo and Ten give each other tongue-baths, with the dog licking the cat while the cat licks him back. The pair are absolutely adorable together, cat keeping a lookout while the dog sleeps soundly on next to him. Later, pictures of the cat and dog pop up, both asleep cuddled together like particularly good friends, arms wrapped around each other. It’s enough to melt your heart into goo, really! via




These two also sitting together, playing together, cuddling more, and gazing out the window together, as well as walking on leashes together. When it comes to adorable things you absolutely need on your dashboard or newsfeed, this pretty much tops the list.

Be sure to send it to as many friends as you think need a smile or some good today – Momo and Ten, the dog and cat best friends, are happy to provide!


Take a look at this adorable video.

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