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Black Animals Are The Lucky Ones

When we think of luck what do we usually think of? We think of things such as the luck of the draw, being lucky, good fortune, bad fortune, omens, and all that stuff. It might be surprising to think that animals can have luck as well! There are certain animals out there that have the notion of being lucky attached to them. This luck is attributed to various things which include things such as resourcefulness, ability to escape harm, living longer, cleverness, and more. It leads to questions such as what makes an animal lucky and what animals have all the luck. Well here is one such group! It might seem funny to think about but there is a certain idea that black colored animals tend to have all the luck!

Do they or do they not? Well here is what new research shows: Animals that have black fur or black skin, as suggested by new research, have the ability to live longer when compared to animals who are not so dark colored! Now where does this coloration or “luck” come from? Well it is said that it comes from something known as melanism. This is the development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin, fur, hair, eyelashes and etc. However how the melanism ties into better life/luck still remains a mystery to this day! In fact the color black has stood for things such as elegance, prestige, high fashion, power and sophistication. It is curious then why beautiful black dogs and cats for example are always waiting longer to find new family members or scorned upon due to their coloration.

Take this story into mind. There is this case of a certain stray black dog. He has evaded dog catchers 92 times! Old timer dogs teach him new things. When new dogs see him they submit to him so to speak. To this day he is seen as the most interesting dog in the world! He is dubbed “Lucky black Dog’ and throughout the past few years in Arkansas he has put Animal Services to shame by evading capture all these years. The dog catchers have even tried using tranquilizer darts but the dog gets way every time! It has left Animal Services feeling quite frustrated! Locals have been left feeling torn up in the situation! They have mixed feelings between for him to be captured and for him to still go for his freedom. Being able to avoid capture all those years, now if that is not lucky I don’t know what is!

Gregory Barsh of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology mentioned in a study that he did with colleagues that it was found, for example, that black wolves are said to have increased fitness in certain environments due to a melanism mutation. Domesticated dogs have shown benefits of dark fur coloring though this could also be influenced as a result of breeding due to human influence. Baby owls’ research found that the dark melanism can potentially be tied to more advanced brain development and better sleep patterns. Owls with dark spots have been shown to correspond to better immune system function as well as more advanced energy regulation.

Black cats are the biggest subject of all when it comes to luck! In some places around the world they do have a bad rep and in others they have the rep of being extremely lucky. Black cats were worshipped throughout Egypt and killing one was even considered a capital crime! In fact when an Egyptian family black cat died the cat would be mummified. The family would even enter a mourning period.

Romans also considered black cats lucky and sacred. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the black cat became associated with things like bad luck and even witchcraft. However they have also been viewed as luck bringers/guardians and having plenty of luck to themselves. It has one of the most fascinating histories when it comes to luck and therefore their treatment is varied when it comes to luck depending upon how each culture views them. It has been said that Freya, the Norse Goddess of Love & Fertility, drives a chariot pulled by two black cats. To dream of a black cat is said to bring luck to the dreamer. Even in theaters it is said that if a black cat is spotted in the audience on an opening night it means a successful play!

Researchers also believe that studying the melanism mutation in black cats could lead to more understanding of treatments for different types of cancer. Study after study has shown black house cats to have new mutations in their genes as well as black jaguars. This mutation has been shown to be missing in jaguars lighter in color. Felines native to South and Central America also have a certain gene mutation themselves. All of these findings have led scientists to think why these cats are black or dark. Camouflage is one possibility and the other one is infection resistance. In Japan black cats are a symbol of good luck to the cat itself and human beings.

In Japan if they see a black cat crossing their path they will say ‘Konichiwa’ and take control of their own luck. So it looks like black cats do have all the luck to bring! They are born lucky but no one sees them as luck! People who have take selfies with their black cats have started trends in which they come to not wanting the cat anymore. It has led to officials being worried people don’t want the cats simply due to not photograph well cause of the cat’s dark features. Coloration should not be the judgment factor! It is not unlucky in the slightest!

So with the case of dark/black animals overall they have all the fun compared to the “blondes”! However it is like despite them being lucky in one aspect they still need to find and make their own luck in regards to getting some love themselves. They deserve that love!

Image Credit: Stavros Markopoulos/Flickr

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