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Best of Cats in 2 Minutes – A Funny Cats Compilation

We all know that cats are super funny creatures, with their love of boxes and eternal grace occasionally failing them. From cats sliding on hardwood to playing the piano, clinging to jean legs to watching TV, these cats will quickly steal your heart and make you go “Awww!”

Kittens and cats alike have a natural grace that fails them at the most inopportune (and hilarious) times. Cats fall in aquarium tanks, in snow, off windows, and off shelves, resulting in immensely funny moments for all watching. Cats in hats are also very popular, as well as cats in sweaters. Cats with their tongues out, cats attacking printers, cats nodding in unison – this video has everything a cat lover needs for a smile in their day, from cats laying on their backs in the sun to cats doing kung fu moves.

If you happen to know anyone who could benefit from a good, hilarious cat video in their lives, be sure to share this to your newsfeed or dashboard as soon as possible! Everyone needs a cat in a hat, or a cat with a box, or a cat shying away from broccoli.

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