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Bengal Kittens Discover The Best Toy Ever!

Slides are tons of fun for us humans, but these Bengal kittens have also discovered their joy! One after another, they slide down and try to climb back up, leaping onto each other playfully, and sliding smack into one another when a sibling doesn’t clear the slide fast enough.

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These kittens are Bengal kittens, which is a domestic breed that has been developed to look like exotic big cats – think leopards and ocelots. They are a crossbreed between the Asian leopard cat and domestics, and date back as far as 1889. They typically have “wild” markings, like spots and rosettes, as well as a light belly. Their body structure even resembles a leopard, on a smaller scale, and some have the striking “mascara” features around the eye.

As you can see from the video, these Bengal kittens are playful and excitable, ready for the next big thing as they attempt to conquer the slide. Mommy cat watches on to make sure that they don’t get into trouble, though she is often the victim of a playful pounce or two. via

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