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Rescued Baby Seal Pulls Through and Proves He’s Strong Enough to Return to the Wild

A powerful storm blew through Sydney, Australia, wreaking havoc on the land, and wildlife like a baby fur seal that was discovered fatigue, malnourished and stranded on the beach following the event.

The 18-month-old animal was taken to a Sydney wildlife hospital for medical treatment, where he was given medicine, fresh fish and a chance to rest in order to regain his strength.

When he began moving around, vets noted that he shuffled along the floor just like Elvis, so they decided to name him after the late rock legend.

A spokesperson for the hospital said that it was likely Elvis is newly independent from his mother, and that it’s not “uncommon that young seals [who go] off on their own for the first time”
run into trouble such as storms like the ones that hit Sydney earlier this month.

Elvis is apparently just one of 62 young seals that have run into similar trouble so far this year.

Senior veterinarian Larry Vogelnest said in a statement that Elvis was “pretty feisty” when he first arrived – noting that it was actually a very good sign that he’d be able to return to his natural habitat in a fairly short time.

And, thankfully, that’s just what happened. Within just a few days, Elvis was said to be “bouncing around the hospital” – and though the rescuers couldn’t help but fall in love with him, they knew that it would soon be time to say goodbye.

When that day came, the little seal was put into a crate on a boat and taken to the coast.   

“He was initially a bit hesitant to get in the water, but eventually he dived in and started swimming strongly,” Vogelnest said.

Afterward, the Taronga Conservation Society wrote on its Facebook page, “Elvis has left the building.”

Elvis the long-nosed fur seal, that is.

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