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Baby Orangutan Kept in a Chicken Cage for Ten Months Gets the Love and Care he deserves!

Unfortunately, there are many men and women who believe that taking care of an exotic animal is very similar to taking care of a cat or a dog. The truth is much different. Namely, exotic, wild animals should not be domesticated because they can thrive only in the wild.

Sadly, there are a huge number of people who adopt exotic pets and they don’t know what these animals should eat or how they socialize. As a result of that, these animals often experience both physical and mental problems.

The fact is that even exotic pet owners who are trying to create the ideal environment for their attractive pets can’t make their pets completely happy.

This baby orangutan called Budi was kept in a chicken cage in the first ten months of his life. He was not fed anything else then condensed milk.


It is good to know that orangutans are in danger of extinction and they are often captured by illegal pet traders. When they are growing naturally in the wilderness, orangutan babies need the help of their mother to develop properly (in a similar way like human babies).

Orangutans stay with their moms until they become teenagers. Since Budi’s ex-owner didn’t know much about orangutans’ diet, he decided to keep Budi on milk all the time.


The good news is that Budi was found by IAR (International Animal Rescue) team and now gets proper care and love. When Budi was found he was dealing with severe malnutrition and this condition affected his body and limbs (they were swollen). In other words, Budi was dealing with incredible pain. He still feels this pain, but he won’t give up because he finally feels loved and respected.


Image source: North Downs Picture Agency

There is no doubt that it will take some time before Budi is completely recovered, but he is now monitored by true professionals who love animals.

IAR has a rescue center and once he gets back on his feet he will be introduced to the other orangutans that live there.

In these centers, young orangutans are prepared for the life in the wilderness. The main objective of IAR is to let these animals back in their natural habitat.

In order to achieve this objective, IAR is asking for donations, so don’t hesitate to donate some money and protect animals like Budi. source

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