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5 Incredible Rescue Animals Changing The Life For Other Animals

One of the main reasons why we have started this website is to share some motivational, touching stories related to animals in need. Thanks to these stories, people can understand the importance of the work of different individuals and organizations all over the world who are sacrificing their time and money to help animals live normal lives.

Every animal rescue story we share here gives us hope that the world is becoming a better place, but they also remind us that animal abuse is still alive and each of us should do something about this. These stories are really horrifying – there are many puppies and dogs found in puppy mills, bunnies kept in labs, exotic animals kept as ordinary pets etc. Even though the rescuing efforts of people and organizations are fruitful, unfortunately, there are hundreds of animals that share similar faith at this moment.

But, the best part is that the saved animals that managed to escape or to be saved from different forms of abuse are now trying to help other animals in need. They are real life animal advocates that represent real life examples of the results of systematic abuse. Some of them are former fighting dogs, others were born and raised on factory farms. Now, they are here to help the world learn more about their tragic stories.

The truth is that there are many animal advocates like this and it will probably take an entire book to describe just small portions of their lives. That’s why we have decided to highlight five stories that can help us understand what we can do to prevent and stop cases of animal abuse.

1. Harley and Teddy – Dogs saved from Puppy Mills

When you first take a look at Harley and Teddy you’ll be amazed by their energy and enthusiasm. This incredible duo has survived the horrors of puppy mills and they were saved by National Mill Dog Rescue organization.

Today, Harley and Teddy have “personal” Facebook pages where they inform the fans about the latest changes in anti-puppy mill laws and regulations and future rescue missions. Each year, these cute dogs and their guardians spend some time-saving puppy mill residents. According to some stats, they have managed to save more than 360 dogs.

The vast majority of people are not aware of the fact that when they are buying a dog from pet stores, these dogs are probably former residents of puppy mills. The substandard breeding facilities are managed by people who view animals as items. Adult dogs live in cages and they are forced to mate all the time.

Unfortunately, Teddy and Harley still have some marks from the time they’ve been there. Sadly, Harley is left with only one eye because he didn’t get vet care on time and Teddy had oral problems and psychological problems in human presence. The good news is that they are now fully recovered and happy. All they want now is to stop the suffering of other puppies in these horrible facilities.


2. Timmy – Farm Animal Problems

Timmy Sheep is an animal with incredible personality and attitude, just like every saved farmed animal found at Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary. Timmy is known for its positive attitude and friendliness. But, what is even more important is that Timmy’s main objective is to stand up for farmed animals together with its guardians.

The founder of this sanctuary, Pam Ahern, uses Timmy’s help to stress out how important it is to protect these animals. The basic goal of Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary is to raise the awareness and ask people to re-evaluate their behavior towards farmed animals and animals in general.

Timmy is a very cute and incredibly smart sheep who was saved by the team when it was about seven days old. Instead of spending the rest of its life supporting the wool and the meat industry, Timmy Sheep is now showing the world that farmed animals deserve their respect and care just like their pets.


3. Ray – Dog Fighting

Ray was a lovely pit bull that was once part of the Bad Newz Kennel operated by Michael Vick. For those who don’t know, this notorious kennel has not been very good to dogs in the past. As a matter of fact, it turned out that Michael Vick used the dogs for fighting and making a profit from bets. The illegal kennel is now closed and Ray is just one of the 51 dogs saved from the kennel. The Best Friends Animal Society named this group of pit bulls – Vicktory Dogs. They did everything they can to heal these dogs and prepare them for adaptation.

Luckily, Ray managed to recover completely and he found a loving home. This beautiful pit bull is now an animal advocate focused on dog fighting and he is also trying to inform people that there are no bad dog breeds. Unfortunately, there are many counties and states that have banned pit bulls and similar breeds because they are “dangerous” which is not true.


4. Bobby II – Carriage Horses

Bobby II is an unusual rescue horse. Namely, Bobby II is an ex-carriage horse from New York City. He spent seven of his best years carrying thousands of tourists and the incredibly heavy cart (2.000 pounds). This horse was saved by Equine Advocates. Since this industry is not exposed in the media, only a small number of horses are rescued by animal protection organizations. Once the carriage horse reaches a certain age or simply loses energy to do this work, they are sold by the drivers. Carriage horses bear a specific numerical carving imprinted on their hooves which are the only sign that makes them different than work horses. The majority of carriage drivers remove these numbers to make sure that carriage horses bought by slaughterhouses don’t know that the horses were used for carrying tourists (which would obviously be bad for the business).

Luckily, the driver didn’t remove the carriage horse number from Bobby II and the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriage together with Equine Advocates managed to save it. Bobby II is a living example of the cruelty of this seemingly harmless industry. Hopefully, the touching story of Bobby II will help us regulate this industry.


5. Tasha – Exotic Pet Trade

Tasha is a cougar that was lucky enough to be saved by the famous Wildcat Sanctuary. Just like many other big cats, Tasha spent her first months of life in captivity as part of the exotic animal trade ventures. She was found in a ruined petting “zoo” in north Ohio. The main reason why the owner kept Tasha was to reproduce other cougars. She was kept in a very small garage which didn’t meet the basic conditions. One day, Tasha managed to escape this prison and she was found by the authorities close to the highway. After that, she was left in a facility with a USDA certification where she lived in a small 10×20 foot wired cage. This is only one example of a big cat that lives in substandard conditions which directly affect the behavior and health of these animals.

Even since she was rescued, Tasha is able to walk and run in a habitat where she feels secure and protected without losing the feeling of freedom. All these things are possible thanks to the Wildcat Sanctuary. She is now trying to urge the authorities to change the legislation about big cats owned by private owners. Sadly, more than 20 states in the USA allow homeowners to keep big cats and in seven of these states, you don’t need to acquire any permission. source


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