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3 Heart-Warming Stories of Saved Pigs That Are Worth Reading

We have all been impressed by pigs when we were children. Many of us have squealed and snorted and did other sounds for fun. But, what is the first thing that crosses your mind when someone mentions pigs? Some people might think about the Piglet which was one of the main characters in Winnie the Pooh series.

There are people who will visualize Little Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show. Or maybe you will remind yourself of the old story of the three little pigs that were trying to escape from the big bad wolf. As you probably know, the piglets were running from one house to another to save themselves from the vicious wolf. However, the truth is that wolves are responsible for only a small number of pig deaths especially if we compare this number to the pigs killed on farms.

The worst part is that in some cases their death looks like a salvation because they are kept in substandard conditions and tortured. According to official statistics, each year we get about one hundred million pigs on these factory farms. Even though pigs use oinks and squeals as a way of communication in factory farms too, these squeals are just screams for help.

The truth is that factory farmed pigs are left in very small crates despite the fact that they are not left alive for a long time. In many cases, they have limited access to sunlight or they have completely kept away from the sun. When they are left freely on the farm, pigs are great fans of rolling and sprawling out in straw and dirt. However, in these horrific farms, they are kept in crates where they can barely move. Additionally, these poor pigs live in unclean and terrible conditions and instead of socializing with other pigs they become cannibals and start eating each other.

Finally, when they are left in the wild, pigs keep their babies until they reach at least one month or up to two months. But, when they are in factory farms they are separated from their mothers when they are just ten days old.

We find it very difficult to imagine calmly the ordeal that these pigs are going through. But, there is something positive on the horizon. The fact is that not all pigs and other farmed animals must live like this. We have selected three good examples of rescued pigs from these gruesome factories.

1. Say Hello to Julia

Julia was saved from a factory farm right before giving birth to more than a dozen of piglets. Farm Sanctuary was the organization that learned about the terrible conditions in which Julia was living and they decided to give this cute pig a chance to live a normal life. She finally escaped the place where the only thing she got was tiny crates, aggressive beating and kicking and occasional “treatment” with an electric cattle prod.

Julia had to be transported to a hospital and just a few hours later she gave birth to 16 premature piglets. She is now nurturing her babies and bringing back her trust in humans. Readers should take some time and spend some money by donating to Farm Sanctuary.


2. Learn more about Jangles

This pig is a real hero because it helped veterinarian students at Cornell University to learn more about animal anatomy and prepare them to help animals. But, when the program at the university was finished, Jangles and few other pigs were prepared for an auction. But, students were so fond of Jangles that they have decided to contact Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Today, Jangles is living a happy life spending most of the time around the barn, taking long naps and swimming.


3. Incredible Stella

Stella is a lovely hog that lives in Rooterville, a popular animal sanctuary located in Florida. This hog is believed to be a former factory farm member that luckily escaped this man-made prison by falling from a truck during transportation. It was found by a local family that took good care of her. After a while, they gave Stella to the sanctuary.

Stella is left without a tail, which is not unusual for factory farm animals because the management of these farms wants to stop possible tail biting and illnesses. It is good to know that Stella is an incredible animal that radiates positive energy even though the marks of abuse are still present on her body. Despite the fact that factory farm pigs live between three and five years, Stella has recently turned nine.


What each of us can do about this?

Many men and women forget that pigs actually have a need for socialization, have unique personalities and that they communicate with each other. However, with the help of these touching stories we expect to raise the awareness of these things.

We can all help enhance the quality of life of pigs:

  • First of all, we can make donations to sanctuaries that care for them. With your donation, they can buy food and medical supplies for the animals and keep their environment clean.
    You can also choose to adopt a pig in case you can provide the right condition for them.
  • In the end, don’t forget that you should consider changing your diet. Remember that eating too much meat can have a negative impact on your health. source
  • Image credit: Cover by Morgan/Flickr

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